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A Rundown of 2020’s Vans and Trucks

For work vehicles, bigger isn’t always better. In downtown cores, drivers face narrow streets, tight parking, and low underground garages. If you don’t need maximum capacity,…

Canadian Fleets Cope With COVID-19

All things considered, Canadian fleets are weathering the pandemic rather well. While the global pandemic has certainly had a major impact on business, the overall Canadian…

The New 2021 Cadillac Escalade

From General Motors Canada comes this exciting news! The newest Escalade (Short Wheelbase/ESV) starts at $89,798/$93,298 (not-including DFC). It includes industry-first technologies, increased cargo capacity, and…

Fast-charging stations will be key to EV adoption

An increasing number of automakers offer electric vehicles, but charging them remains a significant barrier with many buyers. And it’s especially important for fleets, where vehicles…

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